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For our education sponsors, engaging in high-quality
education is the most sustainable form of support.

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Equal opportunities for everyone.

Qualified education for orphans

With scholarships from SCHULBANK, needy orphans gain access to qualified education and thus a perspective of financial security, self-determination and contentment in their country.

Background and principles of our work

Educational misery in Tanzania.

Qualified education is the exception rather than the rule in Tanzania’s state schools. Parents who have the opportunity send their child to a private school.

AIDS – 1.3 million orphans.

Tanzania has one of the highest rates of AIDS in the world. As a result, the number of orphans in Tanzania is very high. Children born with minimal educational opportunities.

Support development with scholarships from SCHUL BANK

Why do we support through a scholarship program? Because we don’t want to get involved in education and don’t want to invest in infrastructure projects. Because we believe in the potential of the young generation of Tanzania and want to support their efforts directly and fight for equal opportunities.

For our educational sponsors, this is the most sustainable form of support.

More information about our scholarship program

How a sponsorship helps

For SCHULBANK, sponsorships are an important, but not the only, financing component of our scholarship program. Shoulder to shoulder with parents, schools, orphanages and many others, the school costs are borne together. Around half of the costs are already covered by Tanzanian participation. We call this solidarity help.

For our sponsors, this is a type of support that allows them to see the impact of their support directly and yet at a reasonable distance. Our sponsorships are deliberately different from typical child sponsorships.

More information about our educational sponsorships

Where we work

The center of concentration for aid organizations in Tanzania is in the north of the country. Reason enough for us to move to the southern high mountains of Tanzania, where aid arrives less frequently and poverty and AIDS are at their highest.

More information about our second home in Tanzania

Ummu Salama Primary School

Ummu Salama Primary School is a school for boys and girls in Iringa, Tanzania. It provides education for students from elementary school level to secondary school level. The school was established in 2011 by the Muslim community of Iringa to provide quality education.
February 1, 2023/by Alexander

SCHULBANK at Rotary in Iringa

January 29, 2023/by Alexander

Proud of top grades in final exams

Twelve scholarship holders of SCHULBANK e.V. graduated from St. James Kilolo Secondary School after the fourth grade with the first of two secondary school diplomas.
January 23, 2023/by Alexander

With a scholarship to top grades throughout Tanzania.

Because of her top grades, Niwaheri was awarded a special certificate of recognition from the state. A letter to the SCHULBANK family.
January 23, 2023/by Alexander

My first two months at the university in Dodoma.

I have taken the first step. Tomorrow I'll do the next one. "Challenges always seem impossible until you overcome them."
January 22, 2023/by Alexander

Tanzania fears severe drought

Currently, the living situation here in Tanzania is becoming more and more frightening. The cost of living is high and it seems that Tanzanians have given up. In recent years, prices for foodstuffs such as rice and ugali flour have doubled.
January 22, 2023/by Alexander

When the grandma has to replace the mother.

Gloria's grandmother is to be thanked from the bottom of her heart, because she is a brave woman, a fighter with sincere love, who fought for everything your granddaughter Gloria needed for a good education.
January 22, 2023/by Alexander

You nailed it! Congratulations, Pamela!

Our scholarship recipient Pamela Nyandongo, who is studying at the Edgar Maranta School of Nursing.
Nursing School in Ifakara - Morogoro studied, passed her exams with distinction.
January 22, 2023/by Alexander
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Tailwind – When our sponsors talk…

Not only the work with our pupils and students makes our hearts beat faster. If sponsors, after careful examination, consider our work worth supporting, then we feel momentum.

I immediately liked SCHULBANK when I read about it in the Westfälische Nachrichten. A great commitment and the right concept in my opinion. Today I am the sponsor of little Meschack and am happy to be able to help so directly. Who knows, maybe I’ll even visit my godchild. Keep it up SCHULBANK!

Schulbank is accessible to us, not an anonymous organization with a hotline. So we just met up with the Kösters one evening and had them explain to us exactly what school desks are doing in Tanzania. After that, no questions were left unanswered and we know our donations are in good hands.

Donations in education, the transparency of the school bench, little bureaucracy – all this convinced me to take part. Here I can easily see where my donation will be used and which child will benefit from it. I’m happy to support that.


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